Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Binders : Hackers best friend..

So now we know about hacking tools like trojans, RATs, Keyloggers, Crypters to prevent their detection but the bottleneck is still the program execution on the remote machine... Generally user don't run untrusted applications.. so the solution is to bind our tool with something they trust so that when they run it they will get their program running and we will get  ours!!!

What is Binder???
Binder is a software used to bind or combine two or more files in one file under one name and extension. The files to be binded can have any extension or icon. The user has choice to select the name, icon and various attributes of binded file. If binded file contains an application (in our case - RAT or keylogger), the application is also run when the actual binded file is run.

Why is Binder used???
As I mentioned before, generally, RATs and keyloggers are detected by most antiviruses. Also, you can’t send victim a RAT or keylogger and ask him to install it on his computer. So, you have to bind that RAT or keylogger with say image, movie or song (any file depending on victim) and then ask him to run this binded file on his computer.
When the victim runs our binded image (binded with keylogger) on his computer, keylogger is installed on his computer and we can easily obtain all his typed passwords. Kwel..!!!

How can I get a Binder???
There are many available online you can search for them.. I am also providing few binding software, can download it from here too..

Simple Binder
Weekend Binder

All publicly available Binders are detected by Antivirus Software but can be used to fool few cause some ignore scanning mp3 or image files and you can also apply your social engineering here for convincing the victim..!!!

Also, it is better to use Crypters to avoid AV detection. It is general practice to first crypt the keylogger or trojan with Crypter and then bind the crypted trojan to make it deceptive.

So till the next post.. Njoy Hacking!!!


  1. your posts are mind blowing dude........keep posting.. ......can u give tutorial fully explaining phishing.thanxx in advance.

  2. hi!!i downloaded both the binders but how come i cant run them? i cant open them.. says it has an error..

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. and one more thing i downloaded both the Binders but these are in text documents,so now how to use it and make it ready for file binding plz tell me buddy :)

  5. okay buddy i archived it but when i eas to run an error message occured saying-The application failed to initialize properly(0x0000135).click ok to terminate application.so now plz help me buddy.

  6. buddy i also tried it after uninstalling my antivirus but still it showed the same error :(

  7. and buddy one more thing is it possible to see locked scrapbooks and albums by using mozila firefox browser and gresemonkey software and if yes then please give me details :)

  8. Will need to get someones yahoo mail password, anyone can help , have tried keylogger but am unable to remote deploy it. who can help by phishing for me? email me at: vdm.rob@gmail.com

  9. dude it is password protected please provide password for this winzip

  10. pls provide password for simple binder rar file/?

  11. Undetectable binder: http://www.file-joiner.com


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