Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Protect Yourself From Keyloggers..

In my last post i mentioned about keyloggers and their intrusion in your privacy.. So now i am suggesting a tool for all of you to protect yourself from keylogger attacks.. If you wanna know more about keyloggers and how tohack using them refer my last post.  In short, they are malicious tools which intercepts your every keystrokes along with your password and provide it to attackers..

So now how to protect your self from these keylogging attack?? and how to protect your login credentials..???

Key Scrambler Personal is a free anti keylogger serving our purpose in the web browser, which intercepts every keystrokes you enter online and thus sending the encrypted message to hacker rendering them useless for them..

Download For Free Now..

It will protect users when using online shopping, mail , credit cards , bank accounts , house addresses , java , flash , browser dialogs , browser passwords and more.

How It Works??

After you install KeyScrambler Personal, if say some keylogger tool is installed on your computer and whatever you enter it will send as junk(false) data (encrypted format) to keyloggers and prevents your data. In simple, It encrypts your keystrokes at the keyboard driver level in the kernel, as they enter the computer. Once you install KeyScrambler computer restart is necessary and it works background without making any changes to your browser. you can customize certain hotkey to enable or disable encryption.

Highlights of KeyScrambler Personal - 

# It defeats old and new, known and unknown, keyloggers and even works on security compromised computers.
# It supports more than 100 applications and user friendly interface.
# It is compatible with other security programs , authentication methods and easy to use.

The personal version is free and only works with three browsers in Windows – IE, Firefox, and Flock.

It is a must for all who don't want to be a victim of hacking attacks..

So be protected and njoy Safe Surfing.. n do comment..


  1. thanx a lot dude... keep up the good work...

  2. Thx, I know using keyloggers but i was extremely afraid of getting exploited by someone.


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